Hyperion WP

Using Hyperion in Polymers

Hyperion is currently available in dry powder for cosmeticeutical application. There are two grades being offer, namely the WP-GP and WP-EP. All Hyperion are made from pure Zinc derived from distillation process. They come in the form of find powder with particles size ranging 6.0 – 10.0 um.

Same thing but different

Hyperion zinc oxides, unlike other zinc oxides that require UV light stimulation for high anti-microbial efficacy, do not show signs of weakness when used in complete darkness.

Using Hyperion In your product

Hyperion is capable of mixing various types of polymers in the market, provided the processing temperature does not exceed 410 degrees Celsius.

Principle of operations

When mixed correctly, hyperions produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are highly effective in killing and inhibiting the growth of various microorganisms.

Contact-based reactions

Hyperion reduces oxygen molecules near it, producing O2- and H2O2 radicals that kill microbes, with their zone of inhibition being approximately 10mm away from the surface.

Hyperion TF

Antimicrobial self-cleaning thin films

Hyperion TF series is useful for when transparency is a key consideration, i.e. as coatings for window, solar panel glass, touch sensitive displays etc. We offer different methods to getting the thin film deposited onto a rigid, non-porous, even-thickness substrate. Thickness 50 – 120 nm

Hyperion TF CBD products are produced through the chemical bath deposition method, which involves evenly coating pre-cursor chemicals on a substrate, drying, and submerging in a chemical tank.

Hyperion TF RF products are produced through Magnetron Radio-frequency (RF) sputtering in a vacuum chamber, using energy to vaporize target material and an electric field to deposit coating.

Hyperion TF RFZN is a single metal layer product with antimicrobial and antiviral properties, ideal for touchscreen display usage.

Hyperion TF RFML AF is a multi-layer configuration with self-cleaning and anti-fogging properties, ideal for building glasses and solar panel surfaces.

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