Who Are We

With a passion of transforming lives, we focus on technology that improves

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Utilizing the power of conveninetly available element, Zinc, we apply a simple but proprietary manufacturing technology to create the hyperion

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To improve general hygiene, to enable access to clean water, food, and environment that is safe for our future generations

To enable the above through easily accessible technology that does not require expensive or sophisticated equipment to implement and scale.

To enable all the above without compromising nature, to prioritize sustainability and the preservation of the well being of environment.

These process does not create a new compound. We make microscopic modifications to the surface of Zinc molecules that empowers them to become much stronger and also completely eliminating their dependency to UV stimulation

These changes allow Hyperion be beneficial to human lives by enabling the following in broad:

  1. Enhanced antimicrobial property
  2. Self-cleaning property

“A small, but ambitious product that unleashes a world of constructive environmental impact.”

Hyperion aims to serve as the benchmark for the three summits.

We strive for the name to resonate with cleanliness, convenience, and environmental impact everytime you lay your sight on one.

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